On World Hepatitis Day, we are proud to showcase the diverse voices and experiences of those impacted by hepatitis. 

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Jodie Albert

World Hepatitis Day to me means, empathy, compassion, integrity and information. The emotion i feel from this day is, acceptance. I had Hepatitis C and i am not ashamed to admit it. I find support from the Know Your Status team, i find it when i am asked to share my story, i find it when people can hear what i say and i find it when people reach out to me. Solidarity can be shown when we can be seen as human beings, instead of someone with a diagnosis, an addiction, their race, gender... I cant wait until stigma is lost and more people feel comfortable to share. Hepatitis C is NOT a death sentence. To me, resilience means, hope and connection. Allyship and support will create connection.

Hear more from Jodie at the 1:13:14 mark from the Waniska Launch



Growing up with a family member who is immunocompromised, it was terrifying when they were diagnosed with hepatitis. But thankfully with the medical progress we have today and a great group of healthcare providers, they are doing great! Our family was lucky, World Hepatitis Day is a reminder that we need to keep working on making treatment effective, but also accessible, so other families don't have to worry about losing loved ones to hepatitis. Innovation is important. But ensuring everyone can access the innovation should be equally a priority.



As a doctor, I've seen the devastating impacts of hepatitis. While World Hepatitis Day can be a day to celebrate our progress in eliminating the disease, I think we also need to take time to remember those we have lost. Do what feels right to you- light a candle, say a prayer, take a pause to reflect. We need to ensures that their memories live on.

Vancouver, British Columbia

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Mount Nebo, Saskatchewan

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